Cuddly Friends
Our Hotel with Petting Zoo

Come for a cuddle

Our four legged friends are happy to see you

You love animals? So do we! Living here are bustling guinea pigs and fluffy rabbits you can visit, feed or stroke at any time And do you know what the tongue of a baby calf feels like ? Or the fur of a pot-bellied piglet? If not, then come and find out! Once a week the mobile petting zoo “Pferdinand” comes  in summer to us with real farm animals!

Mounty, der Hotelhund
Kinderhotel mit Streichelzoo, Kärnten

Our pelt noses

Oh, look! The baby guinea pigs are nibbling the hay for the very first time! And the rabbits are just so cuddly. If you like animals then you will love our hotel with its petting zoo in summer. We have a large pen for small animals, a comfortable home for lots of furry noses who always look forward to seeing you. If you want to you can help out with feeding and taking care of them. Mounty, our hotel dog, is also happy to be stroked and fussed over.

Mobile petting zoo pferdinand (summer)

Pferdinand is coming! When he arrives with all his four-legged friends, there is great excitement in the hotel. When does one otherwise have the chance to see a pot-bellied pig or to feed a newborn goat kid? There are donkeys, calves and ponies, too. Once a week Pferdinand and his friends visit our hotel and tell exciting stories from the world of farm animals.

On the trail of nature. Our hotel with petting zoo is an El Dorado for animal lovers!